Strainers & Filters

I-Spray customises, fabricates, and repairs Basket Filters & Strainers to SS304 & SS306 for OEMs and end-users or as per customer’s requirements, including filter elements. They are suitable for any type of low pressure drop, with heavy–duty baskets and high dirt hold cross or elliptical basket elements, and are easy to clean.

Its main benefit is that it can protect other important components existing in the piping system, such as valves, pumps, nozzles and homogenizers, so that machinery and equipment can work and run normally, to stabilize the process, and ensure safe production.


Basket filters can be installed in suction or pressure pipes to protect downstream plant components (valves, pumps, gate valves, pressure gauges or pipes).


  •  Refineries, Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas
  •  Water & Sea Water applications
  •  Power Plants

Our team and infrastructure:

  • We have a team of highly skilled machinists, welders and fabrication fitters
  • We have modern infrastructure and machinery that include conventional and CNC mill & plane, Laser cutting, Turning, Milling, Boring & Grinding.
  • Our welding processes include Robotic PTA, Mircro-plasma, GMAW, GTAW & SMAW
  • We are known for providing quality products to OEM and end-users.